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3D Printing Revolution is a thought provoking new documentary film in production by Brian Federal and Prana Communications. The Film documents the history and development of this fascinating technology and offers a glimpse into the future impact it will have on our lives. 3D printing technology is the most important development in manufacturing since the beginning of the industrial revolution.


When 3D printing technology is combined with the power of 3D modeling software and laser scanners, designers are empowered to speed up the product development process making totally unique and innovative forms possible.  3D printing technology can be used as a manufacturing method with an unlimited capacity for customization.  3D Printers print in a wide variety of materials from titanium to human tissue.  This technology in all its forms will revolutionize the way we manufacture in the years to come.


The purpose of the film is to introduce 3D printing technology to the public and to communicate the enormous impact it will have on our lives. There are many who have never even heard of this amazing technology. I believe the unfolding of this story illustrates one of the most important technological advancements of our time.

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3D Printing Revolution Film

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